Leadership & Management Workshop - Feedback

  Feedback comments from previous participants on the Leadership Course:

  “Thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel empowered by Islam and how it teaches us such invaluable skills in leadership and management in every aspect of our life“.
Wajiha Khan, Bristol

“Extremely Interesting and the content of the course was excellent! I feel like I have learnt so much – It has increased my knowledge and understanding to a large extent. Fantastic course and extremely inspiring“
Aisha Zaveri, Glasgow

“A fantastic informative course that intertwines leadership theory and prophetic teachings“.
Mohammed Arshad, Business Advisor, Bradford

“Masha Allah, I have learnt so much positive methods to manage my life! I am so glad that Allah SWT gave me the opportunity to attend. About the trainer - Very nice man, Masha Allah. Very articulate speaker and knowledgeable. Good, positive presence“.
Sarah Haberfield, Bristol

“Excellent and very helpful for both my personal and professional life“.
Mohmmed Razwan, Pharmacist, Batley

“AoA Kaushar
The whole course was informative, inspiring and very illuminating, particularly the linkage between modern day theories of management and leadership qualities of Prophet Mohammad pbuh.  As a manager of a large public sector organisation, I have been to many management courses and have management qualification to Masters level but i felt so ashamed of myself to realise that, had I focussed on the leadership qualities of the prophet, I may have been a better leader/manage/person and why did I not make this connection before.  Alhamdulillah, the course has helped me to have this realisation.  I intend to use the learning in my work/home life InshaAllah.”
Bushra Sheikh, West Yorkshire Probation Trust

Assalamo Allaikum Br Kaushar
Thank you for an enlightening and fascinating reflection of our human and business actions in light of the Islamic teachings of our Prophet (Pbuh). The elements of this course will Inshallah positively encourage me to share the sources kindly provided by you with others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
 Sadia Mir Leeds

The interjection given by Kauthar Tai, that clarified things in the light of the Sunnah, which gives Muslims the confidence that they do not have to compromise their religion at their workplace but infact enlighten themselves with the Prophetic Sunnah to enhance their performance when working in any field along side both Muslim and non-Muslims.
Homera Azhar

Mashallah the Trainer (Br. Kauthar Tai) was very engaging, humorous and knowledgeable. Great examples provided. This course is truly insightful and reflective, demonstrating how Islamic values can teach us to be better leaders and how.
Faiza Khaliq – Bristol

“I found useful how management links in to Islam/the tasks thought me a lot/very informative”
Bilal Patel, Sales Manager, Dewsbury

“Clear, confident, experienced”
Mohammad Afzal Valimulla, Imam and Principal of Makki Masjid

“It is a course every Muslim should take part in and apply in our lives”.
Khalid Abbas, MBA student, Liverpool

“Entertaining, Engaging, Beneficial, Exercises, Booklet”
Mohmed Ravat, Senior Consultant

“Learnt so many new ideas – will benefit me in my company and community” “Brilliant”
Abdul Rehman Patel, Managing Director

“Brilliant, well spoken and clear”
Mubeen Dhoriwala, Student

“The layout has been excellent, along with group exercises”  “Brilliant” “the course was too short”.
Maulana Ilyas, Head of Religious Education, Bristol

“Been on several previous talk on this subject but this one in particular was very good as it was one with an Islamic perspective, excellent, right balance between speaker and audience participation.
Dr Imtiaz A. Patel, Dentist

“Relaxed environment able to air/share views easily”  “Very approachable – very good”
Raheel Baig, Community Services Officer, Sheffield City Council

“The booklet, group work and the whole experience was useful. I got to learn a lot. Insha Allah, I will aim to attend the next course.”
Maulana Imran Lakha, Zakaria Masjid, Dewsbury

“Very worthwhile Course which provokes thought and showed guidelines for leadership in light of the Prophet (SAW) “.
Altaf Ilhai, Masjid Al-Ikhlas and Cambridge Islamic Centre, Cambridge

“I really enjoyed and benefited from this session. May Allah accept all the efforts put to prepare it. Ameen.”
Abdelatif, Newcastle

“Even after my Masters in Accounting and Finance I found this course more interesting and enlightening as it referred to my religious teachings.”
Hassan Arshad, London

“I found it useful talking about my weaknesses and getting useful tips from the presenter.  I will take it as guidance for my remaining life”.
Mohammad Afzal, Civil and Structural Engineer

“An informative and engaging course which provides an excellent platform for leadership. This course reveals exceptional tools to overcome barriers and to become and inspirational leader”
Mohammed Asjad Mamaniat, MPIT at Kirklees College

“Excellent Course, Very useful and a must for everyone. Talked from the heart and with concern”
Maulana Tanveer Akhtar, Islamic Tarbiyya Academy

“As a young Muslim student venturing into the career world, I found the course offered by Aksaa Ltd. on 6 Feb 2011, Leadership and Management from an Islamic perspective, to be extremely useful and informative. Going beyond the simple leadership training, it explored how to put theory into practice while consistently linking established and recent findings of management theory to the prophetic example, familiar to all Muslims. Te course leader, Kaushar Tai, was confident, inspiring and engaging, equally well-versed in contemporary management theory and the Islamic tradition.”
Yaqub Eneborg Muslim, Student, Uppsala, Sweden

“I found that because everyone had a share to speak, everyone benefited from each other. I have realised in other types of programmes we came as strangers and went as strangers but this programme, we came as strangers but went as brothers.”
Abubakar Divan, Rabetha Vice General Secretary


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